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Why we are more Overwhelmed Now

Why we are more stressed now than ever before!

Quality of life has suffered. Health has been affected. The rate of change has accelerated. Productivity can be jeopardized. We are “running” faster than ever and do not feel like we can ever catch up! Personal and professional support is draining away.

Quieting the Mind – Slowing Mental Chatter

  1. Quieting the Mind – Slowing Mental Chatter

Easier said than done. It all begins with the breath. Relaxing the body, deeply, leads to a more quiet mind and reduces the distractions of fear, anxiety, and a body experiencing stress. Eastern philosophies ask to focus the mind a calming word/picture/concept (of a “higher ideal”) but this can require discipline and can be difficult for the Western (ADD) mental process. Zen can work because you can keep your eyes open and focus a natural beauty such as: waves on the beach, a stream flowing by, a candle (or fire) burning, or the breeze gently blowing the tops of grasses or trees. For people willing to “work” harder to learn to quiet the mind, you can repeat a mantra which is a word, or phrase, or higher ideal. The words: “Peace,” “Love,” and “Calm” can work well. Or, try using an image of a flower or a pleasant “Mandala” to focus and calm your mind. A powerful tool, which is worth trying, is to repeat “I AM” phrases as you breathe slowly. An example: I am at peace with myself and fully relaxed, or I am loved, or I am blessed…

Relaxing the Body – Connecting with Body

  1. Relaxing the Body – Connecting with Body

Relaxing the body can be key to connecting with your body, quieting your mind, improving your focus (and enhancing productivity,) and connecting to the “source.” Using a “Western” based relaxation technique such as Autogenic Training Phrases can be a good place to start because it uses the mind (instead of trying to still the mind) to focus on the body and to relax the various parts which normally may be holding on to stress. By reducing this stress and relaxing your body you can quiet your mind and then connect with the core of your body to find greater calmness, comfort, and your “heart based” soul/spirit.

Being Present – letting go of distraction

  1. Being Present – letting go of distraction

If you are caught up in the fears and anxiety regarding the “Future” (and the Unknown) or living with the grief, sadness, anger, or shame from an experience of the “Past” then you are not fully “Present” and able to live in Joy. It is difficult to put the fear of the Future or upset from the Past out of your consciousness, however, it is a skill that you can develop AND it will improve your life to know how to do so.


Staying within Your Breath – Sharing Breath with all Living Things

  1. Staying within Your Breath – Sharing Breath with all Living Things

Breathing is essential! It is also the key to controlling stress and creating positive meditation.

Every breath allows millions of atoms into your body that you SHARE with ancestors like: Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, John Travolta and others including Moses - Charlton Heston (please, find this funny.)…  Yes, they are one with you and shared these same atoms as they walked this earth. Every living organism shares these atoms, in their own way, and this makes us “One” with all living creatures. Connection at this level is “real” and bonding. Slow diaphragmatic can be learned and used as a focusing tool and to promote higher consciousness. Doing this correctly can save you wear and tear. With regular practice and consciousness, it will help with both “grounding” and positive energy healing.

Connecting with Spirit (Stories and experience of Connecting with the “Source” and Purpose!)

Oneness – Connection – Community “You are NOT alone” – Power of Community & Support

All in this together… Not alone… Reach out and assist those around you (Connection AND Oneness)

Finding and Following your calling (Exercises to find Purpose and Value to the World)

Grounding – Focusing – Roots into the Earth

Learning how to listen


Positive Visualization- affirmations

Guides – finding then communicating “angels”

Death and Dying – letting go of the fear and anxiety “Freeing yourself so you can live!”

Learning about Life – Near Death Experience

Life Purpose process – living Priorities (finding your life balance)

Healing: Yourself and others (energy focus)

Self-acceptance process – Loving YOUR flaws and imperfections… Your Lessons

Telling YOUR story & teaching YOUR lessons

Biofeedback Tools

Mastermind process – accountability and ongoing support

Power of Love

Power of Relationships (Healthy ones)

Parenting – Healthy


Community – Power of sharing and bonding (#12)

Self-care (exercise, meditation (Stress management), diet + Spirit)

Finding Your Tone – Anchoring

Power of Touch and connection (Protecting yourself and space, Buffer zone-psychic grounding)

Intuition “Gut check” Honoring your feelings (Variety of the psychic experience) (Possible clairvoyance training techniques/process)

Appreciation of Natural Beauty – connecting with earth

Acceptance – Diversity –Judging

Humor – How to use it & when it is a defense

Self-exploration through Art

Benefits and use of: HydroTherapy, massage, energy work, psychics… External Therapies

Family – pluses and traps – Expectations (screw things up)

Serving-sharing-mentoring… doing the work of Living

Coping with Blocks and Barriers (obstacles) “The burdens of being in this life”

Open to Possibilities

Retreat Process – Benefits, purpose, commitment to new habits… speeding the process

Finding Time… Making Time for Consciousness raising activities (and process…)

Committing to live for Higher Consciousness or just testing the water? Living It!

Aging: the value of different generations and the way we look at things (perspective…)

Youth vs Old – erasing the fear of trying something new… (“Stuck in habits” lessons of youth vs the Wisdom of Aging (when appropriate))

Drama vs Mundane Balance

Conscious vs unconsciousness: creating skills for awareness

Power of Healthy Role Models and where to find them…

*** Unconditional Love

The “Source” of Consciousness (Free to be all places & have all knowledge/wisdom. (Heaven between lives) (The Glass Bead Game, Hesse)

Pets – Pet therapy – unconditional acceptance

“Knowing” & acting on feelings (Intuition)

Overcoming Depression and lethargy

Gratitude and Appreciation

Trust and trusting

Integrity & Living in Integrity

Power of Anger – Motivation to Change

Vigilance – Promise to continue learning and growing

Looking to the Horizon (not just watching every foot fall (Step))

Know YOUR “Role” (Appreciate your role and place in the “River of Life”)

Silence – Looking Inward (A word fast)

Dyads and Triads – Power of intense interactions in Group Process (from acceptance/trust)

Pendulum use and Kinesiology

Social Media and Internet for consciousness raising for people “stuck” in their homes/place…???

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