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Relaxing the


Relaxing the Body – Connecting with Body

Relaxing the body can be key to connecting with your body, quieting your mind, improving your focus (and enhancing productivity,) and connecting to the “source.” Using a “Western” based relaxation technique such as Autogenic Training Phrases can be a good place to start because it uses the mind (instead of trying to still the mind) to focus on the body and to relax the various parts which normally may be holding on to stress. By reducing this stress and relaxing your body you can quiet your mind and then connect with the core of your body to find greater calmness, comfort, and your “heart based” soul/spirit.


Other guided relaxations will get you relaxed. They all use slow breathing at their core. Progressive relaxations, visualizations, and self-hypnosis are techniques like Autogenic Training Phrases that can assist you to learn deep relaxation and enjoy the benefits of a more quiet mind and body. Connecting to the body is key because you can  then learn to listen to your “gut” and develop your intuition and connect to the “source” where you will experience greater connection, and “oneness,” and eventual reconnect with the deeper “collective unconscious” (which is another term to describe the “source” we are all seeking.)


For many people, beginning with a simple breathing focused meditation is a great place to start. To begin, allow yourself to sit comfortably or lay back in a way that supports your head/neck. The room should be as quiet and as undisturbed an environment as possible. Check and relax the main muscles of your: head and face, forehead, shoulders/neck, back, arms/legs, and check your jaw. Now take three deep slow breaths, pause after you inhale and release your breath fully and completely. You may want to close your eyes as you begin to settle back. Allow yourself to begin to slow down. Continue to breathe slowly and gently. Focus on the cool air as you inhale and then the warm breath as you slowly exhale. Gently count 20 of these slow breaths and imagine that with each exhale you can take a step down stairs while allowing yourself to drift deep into calmness.


This is a great technique to begin any meditation or relaxation. Enjoy!


Audio Downloads: Relaxation series, or Panic/anxiety, or sleep, or pain management (


Book Download: Breathing chapter, meditation chapter, stress management techniques

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