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Staying withing your


Staying within Your Breath – Sharing Breath with all Living Things

Breathing is essential! It is also the key to controlling stress and creating positive meditation. (See chapter from my first book, Guide to Stress Reduction, on Breathing Techniques.)


Every breath allows millions of atoms into your body that you SHARE with ancestors like: Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, John Travolta and others including Moses - Charlton Heston (please, find this funny.)…  Yes, they are one with you and shared these same atoms as they walked this earth. Every living organism shares these atoms, in their own way, and this makes us “One” with all living creatures. Connection at this level is “real” and bonding. Slow diaphragmatic can be learned and used as a focusing tool and to promote higher consciousness. Doing this correctly can save you wear and tear. With regular practice and consciousness, it will help with both “grounding” and positive energy healing.


So, as common and as necessary breathing is, we can learn to do this better and more consciously. Slow deep breathing with a conscious pause between inhale and exhale helps a lot. even better, feel for the cool air as you inhale and release of tension as you release the warm breath as you exhale. Slow these breaths down to 4 or 5 breaths per minute over several minutes, will slow your heart rate and allow you to drift deeper into a peaceful state of mind and body….


Conscious breathing is at the core of every meditation and every relaxation (stress management) technique that I know of… It is POWERFUL! Simple but powerful. Try this with your eyes closed to cut down on distractions. OR, try this with your eyes open and a soft focus as is used in Zen Meditation, like when you watch waves break on the shore, or watch a campfire burn, or watched the course of the “River of Life” gently flow past you as you sit peaceful on its banks.


Bless you and deepen your conscious breath!


Audio Downloads: Relaxation series, or Panic/anxiety, or sleep, or pain management


Book Download: Breathing chapter, meditation chapter, stress management techniques


We will have audio and recorded calls to expand on these concepts. We will create materials to offer our members and this will be an essential part of all of our interactions and group work.

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