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People Get

From Master's

  1. What will people get from Masters of the Journey’s Process?  POTENTIALLY with work!


  1. “Enlightenment” – Insight – Understanding

This is the “point” of the Masters of the Journey Process. To begin, members will want to make a commitment to participate in the process. The work will involve: learning to be present (through meditation and overcome internal distractions (like anxiety, discomfort, negative self-talk, environmental distractions, etc.). Listening to Podcasts would create some role models to “resonate” with. Using our Audio download guided relaxations ESPECIALLY: Healing with Imagery, Panic Anxiety Control (with temperature training biofeedback,) Stress Management for Sleep, & from the business series: Overwhelmed: Reboot now! And Enhancing Performance. Being Present- also is about meditation, breathing techniques, and certain self-hypnosis techniques that can be talk in teleclasses/webinars-conference calls-and readings.

Also, chapter on Meditation and anxiety or pain control from my downloadable book will help.


We can recommend readings such as: Course in Miracles, Ways of Mastery, Path of the peaceful warrior, etc. (list to be developed….)Lists of  Audios and videos of Bob Trask and YouTube Bob Trask type talks can be developed…

Blogging, masterminds, and interpersonal interactions can assist our members find THEIR path. Inperson training and Retreats would be BEST! (And, money makers…)

  1. Peace – Calmness, less fear/anxiety

Meditation, breathing techniques, Audio- Panic/ Anxiety Control with Temp. Biofeedback would be great. Classes/conference calls (recorded and turned into training audios)/in person trainings and retreats will help teach these. Also, chapter on Meditation from my downloadable book

  1. Happiness,

Conversation, audios (to be created), blog articles, interviews, GROUPS, trainings, retreats can address this

  1. Purpose… Positive Reason for Living  -  Find Your Worth & Value  -  Know Better Your Place in the World (purpose-service) – Part of Something Bigger

Who are your role models? Why? What do they do? What is their purpose? Interview them regarding how and why they got where they are and find your commonality. If you can not interview them, find role models you CAN talk to.

Do you have a wise and healthy mentor (family, friend, co-worker, teacher, clergy, therapist, etc)? Do they care about you enough to help you find your purpose?

What is your long term goal? What kind of person do you want to be? How do you want people to remember you? What is YOUR PASSION? A gut check: regarding an activity of service you are COMPELLED to do! What is in Your HEART, not necessarily your mind….?

What VALUE do you currently have for the world? What would you like to develop as a value for the world? How do you get there? What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now? 20 years from now? 30 years from now?

NOW, meditate on your purpose and your goals, and your value? Do they still feel right for you, at this time? Ask your “Guides” (teach “guide’s exercise). Ask the pendulum (teach pendulum exercise.) Share with your mentors or your mastermind group. Find a path to lead you to your goal and start to work it, with mentors and mastermind support.

Question: If you knew that the end of the world was coming in 4 weeks and you were healthy, what would you do differently in the service to the world? What would you be driven to do that you have not done with your life, so far? Do you feel passion to do this? Why are you not engaged in creating a situation, right now, that manifests your passion?


  1. Connection – “Oneness”

Listen to calls/audios/videos on subject. Study “finding “Grace.” Learn the principles of connecting with the “Source” and becoming “One”. Reach out to find people with similar spiritual development and support them in their goals and PURPOSE. MasterMind with these people to help keep you on track. (We need to teach the MasterMind concept and help develop these groups within our community… via, phone, skype, blogging/chat room, plus???)

Lots of training in good/effective communications can be trained including: How be a good witness to someone else's story and how to ask questions to explore the deeper meaning of the story.

  1. Community

Tools for participation: conference calls, chat rooms/blogging, webinars, in person trainings, retreats, skyping, etc (Local Meetings???)

  1. Joy – Finding Bliss – Grace – the music of Life – Love –Finding Unconditional Love

Audios, videos, conference calls, articles, blogs, chat room conversation regarding Finding “Grace” and connecting with the “Source” We can refer to books and other materials on the subject and create an audio, guided exercise to help lead people to an experience of connecting with the “bliss”…

Conversation regarding Death/Dying and Near Death Experience to better comprehend what the Soul might experience when not attached to the present “Meat Suit”  Between Lives…

  1. Healthy Spirit

We must define what healthy Spirit is and what is the value of developing a healthy Spirit. The distinction between mind, body and spirit must be made. We can offer audio interviews with various people defining what healthy Spirit is for them. The steps necessary to develop healthy Spirit include: wellness, meditation, grounding, learning to be present, and the pursuit of higher ideals such as unconditional love and connection. Though difficult to define, we can offer examples and techniques that can help people engage in their own spiritual development. I believe that we can have many conversations and chat room activity which will give people before him to better understand healthy Spirit and to find ways to achieve this for themselves.

  1. Better Relationships

Better relationships begin with a positive relationship with oneself. We can offer information, tools, and techniques so that people can better find inner calmness and self acceptance. Self acceptance is an audio that we can offer people as a download. The next key component to better relationships is an understanding of effective communications which we can offer through conference calls, articles, audio and visual presentations, and face-to-face trainings. Small group masterminds may be a key to assisting people develop their skills. The main emphasis of what we can offer will be in training people to listen more effectively and identify nonverbal communication. We will also stress that creating the proper timing is critical to getting all parties present and available in effective communication. As with all communication programs, we will also emphasize asking questions that demonstrate care, concern, and respect for the communication process.


With time, we can also build out products and processes that will help people identify how to find, develop, and maintain healthy positive relationships.

  1. Satisfaction – sense of security

A positive sense of security which can lead to better life satisfaction comes from a total wellness approach to mind, body, and spirit. Here again, is another use for our self acceptance program which will offer a more solid foundation for people's lives. We can also assist people with having them find their purpose and their value to the world which will lead to greater satisfaction. A sense of security comes from a strong foundation physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Believing that we are all perfect beings will be an ongoing lesson that this community can work towards as individuals and collectively. The spiritual teachings also just that the mind and ego get in the way of finding the satisfaction in life by demanding unreal and unnecessary values.


We want to make referrals to programs like the course in miracles and unity's mastery program as well as other spiritual teachings so that people will have resources as they consider the best ways to grow spiritually and metaphysically. We will try to incorporate these into our program by interviewing teachers and experts who have the experience to communicate effectively with these programs can do to benefit our members.

  1. Positive Outlook on Life and sense of Purpose EVERYDAY

Our community will be based on positive thinking and viewing life experience in the perfection that it is. We will offer interviews, articles, and processes that help people to realize their inner perfection and their choices as they move through their pilgrimage of life. Finding positive purpose and ways of adding value to the world on a daily basis will be a part of our program for our members to participate within. The mastermind experience can help people maintain their focus through accountability as they move towards their goals of higher consciousness, service, and spiritual growth. We can create audios that offer people I feel for positive outlook and tools to feel their purpose on a daily basis.

  1. Life Balance

Life balance will include articles, interviews, chat room support, trainings, and mastermind experience for people who wish to practice wellness and develop that strong foundation of life balance. Proper diet, physical exercise, regular meditation and spiritual practice will all be included in recommendations to our members. We can have subject matter experts offering information and suggestions to our members. We may even be able to benefit financially through affiliations and referral fees from our most gifted subject matter experts.

  1. Bright Heart – Radiance (Dancing in the Light)

Joy. The celebration of life while basking in unconditional love and the connection with spirit will be processes that we can develop and share with our members. I would also like us to have regular guided exercises involving healing energy in the form of golden white light to enhance people's understanding and belief in the radiance of life. I believe that we can offer information and conference calls with experts who can give foundational information and share resources with our members.

  1. Self-Acceptance…. Inner Peace – Acceptance of Change – Wisdom – Value   

Audio: Panic and Anxiety Control with Temperature training BFT and maybe Heart Math BFT. We will create interviews and processes that will allow people greater control over their stress anxiety and move them towards understanding and accepting their own weaknesses and flaws, thus allowing for greater self-acceptance. Retreats and training programs can really be focused on helping our members develop these skills, awarenesses, and techniques.

  1. Focus & Direction for Your Life’s Pilgrimage

Chat rooms and mastermind groups can help people stay focused and move forward in their development of consciousness and spiritual growth. We will have conference calls and trainings which will help lay foundation for personal growth and self acceptance so our members can move along their path most effectively. All of the members are considered pilgrims on a special spiritual quest to learn their lessons and to move forward both individually and collectively as a group. The members can work on ways of committing themselves to the process of increased awareness and growth.

  1. Unbridled Passion for Life - Dance and sing like No One is Watching – Feel the Music of Life


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